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Technology - Evolute Digital

The digital wealth management platform for banks

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Investment view integration
  • Mass-customization
  • Construct bespoke investment solutions for all your clients
  • Present your investment views in the individual portfolio context
  • Ensure risk/return optimized portfolios
  • Collaboration board
  • Digital investment experience
  • Hybrid client servicing
  • Get the iOS App from the Itunes Store
  • Make your clients part of the investment experience
  • Let the machine assist you in your client interactions
  • Launch new delightful investment services
  • Opportunity dashboard                               
  • Health checks                                             
  • Investment idea generator
  • Create meaningful client interactions
  • Increase portfolio quality and sales efficiency
  • Let the engine continuously monitor the client book
  • Index replication                                     
  • Tax alpha                                               
  • Investment alpha                                      
  • Emotional alpha
  • Leapfrog your competitors with new investment strategies and products
  • Generate risk adjusted outperformance
  • Reduce the tax bill of your clients - tax loss harvesting
  • Involve your clients and make them more captive
  • White-label solution
  • Digital client channel                               
  • Document vault
  • Make your clients captive with a consolidate investment experience
  • Outperform your competitors with an oustanding digital channel
  • Attract new clients with a multi-channel collaboration model

Live Demo

Do you wish further information on the Evolute digital technology? Do not hesitate to contact us:

Raphael Suter
Head of Sales
+41 44 500 15 05


Fully integrated wealth manage-ment platform

We offer a software solution with all functionality in a fully integrated manner. Our core features are enriched with innovative functionalities such as portfolio construction, direct indexing and opportunity screening.


The Evolute platform

Perfection lies in the interplay of various components tailored to each other: