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Evolute Mobile

The intuitive advisory- and end-client mobile application

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Investment view integration
  • Mass-customization
  • Construct bespoke investment solutions for all your clients
  • Present your investment views in the individual portfolio context
  • Ensure risk/return optimized portfolios
  • Collaboration board
  • Digital investment experience
  • Hybrid client servicing
  • Get the iOS App from the Itunes Store
  • Make your clients part of the investment experience
  • Let the machine assist you in your client interactions
  • Launch new delightful investment services
  • Opportunity dashboard                               
  • Health checks                                             
  • Investment idea generator
  • Create meaningful client interactions
  • Increase portfolio quality and sales efficiency
  • Let the engine continuously monitor the client book
  • Index replication                                     
  • Tax alpha                                               
  • Investment alpha                                      
  • Emotional alpha
  • Leapfrog your competitors with new investment strategies and products
  • Generate risk adjusted outperformance
  • Reduce the tax bill of your clients - tax loss harvesting
  • Involve your clients and make them more captive
  • White-label solution
  • Digital client channel                               
  • Document vault
  • Make your clients captive with a consolidate investment experience
  • Outperform your competitors with an oustanding digital channel
  • Attract new clients with a multi-channel collaboration model

Live Demo

Do you wish further information on the Evolute digital technology? Do not hesitate to contact us:

Raphael Suter
Head of Sales
+41 44 500 15 05


The Evolute platform

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